Whether as a fire performer and juggler, a chess competitor and teacher, musician, and filmmaker, I’ve always found ways to keep the concept of play at the center of life. In January 2020 I officially quit my day job(s) to fully commit to my passion for game design.

 (Some things never change)

I completed my Master’s in Civic Media Design at Emerson College, where my studies focused on how to harness play’s potential for social good. My thesis project was collaborating with the city of Portland, Maine to create a digital learning game for local immigrants and refugees. Back in undergrad I studied psychology and economics at Vassar College, though I joke that my real major was in circus arts!

Here are a few of my favorite playful accomplishments thus far in life:

  • Got to wear a robe and wizard hat to work every day for over 4 years while teaching afterschool chess programs.
  • Performed partner fire dance for 6+ years nationally and internationally, developing and teaching new techniques in my field.
  • Designed two tabletop games (so far!) that have been invited as Finalists to BFIG (Boston Festival of Indie Games) and PAX East.
  • Done game consulting work with a range of non-profit clients including the National Democratic Institute, the Engagement Lab, Forward Labs, Games for Change, and Cornell University.
  • Produced a 48-hour emergency charity livestream event in response to COVID, raising thousands of dollars for artists and performers in need.
  • Became a world-class player and theoretician of the modern card game Hanabi, with plans to pursue academic research on the subject (more news to come!)