Below is a sampling of the design work I’ve done – enjoy!

Portland of Opportunity (2018)

Portland of Opportunity is a digital game launched in Portland, Maine, aimed at helping immigrants and refugees learn about local services and resources. It was designed in partnership with the Portland Office of Economic Opportunity and the Emerson Engagement Lab. This was also the subject of my MA Thesis and was presented at Games for Change 2019. You can play it here!

Build-a-Dare (2019 – Present)

Build-a-Dare is a light-weight party game which holds the concept of informed consent as a core design principle. Players take turns crafting (and carrying out) the silliest Dare that they are willing to do. The game has been featured at Boston Festival of Indie Games and PAX East, and will be launching on Kickstarter in 2021! The full rules and Print & Play are downloadable here!

PropLogic Studios (2018 – Present)

PropLogic is a VR game platform currently in development, and I’m leading the game design for the project. Circus and flow arts have been a huge part of my life for a decade now, so working on this has been incredibly exciting to me. Check out the project details here, including a tech demo video here.

Pentaclue (2020)

My newest game design, currently in development. In this cooperative tabletop game, a ritual summoning has gone awry and the players must work together to reseal the pentagram and banish a variety of demons. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to help playtest!

ToSS: Trials of Sword and Staff (2016)

ToSS is a tabletop dexterity game: “cooperative fantasy pong”! Players unite as an adventuring party to defeat monsters, save princes, and seek great treasure. Whether you hit or miss your shots, you’ll level up and unlock powerful abilities as either a Wizard or Warrior! Check out the video and details for the Kickstarter-that-never-was here.

Various Consultant & Team Projects

  • @Stake – Eric Gordon & Engagement Lab (2020)

I’m currently collaborating with Eric Gordon and the Engagement Lab to redesign the @Stake game project into a virtual platform that can be played over Zoom. Although the overall project goals remain the same, the mechanics and gameplay are being completely changed.

  • DemGames – National Democratic Institute (2019)

Hired as a game design consultant to redesign NDI’s new educational game initiative, DemGames. My task was to create a modular system that can be used for teaching a variety of democratic skills and educational content to youth worldwide.

I worked as a Research Assistant for this digital game. My tasks included level design, organizing playtests, and quality assurance.

  • Forward/”ArtHero” – Forward Labs (2018)

Codesigned the first iteration of Forward (then called “ArtHero”), a pervasive game for civic engagement and community building. The game, first conceived at the MIT Media Lab, has now launched its first public trial in Wisconsin and was presented at Games for Change 2019.

Other Creative Work I’m Proud Of

FlowVID-19: Flow Arts Charity Weekend (2020)

Organized a grassroots charity relief marathon for circus arts performers around the world impacted by the pandemic. The event managed to raise over $8,000 for twenty teachers located across four continents.

Pianoblook” Youtube Channel (2017 – Present)

I’ve played piano all my life, and created a Youtube channel where I shared arrangements of certain video game music, currently sitting at >15,000 views. This year I’ve relaunched the channel as a Hanabi card game strategy resource, since I now play competitively and have been developing new ideas to share with the community!

Fire Arts Performance (2010 – 2017)

I’ve taught and performed juggling and flow arts all over the country as well as Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands – perhaps most notably featured in the Fire Gala of the 2016 European Juggling Convention. Some of my partner performances and tutorials can be found here.